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As I prepare to write posts for Thursdays, I always pray and ask God to lead me in the scripture to a topic He would like to address, or He would like me to address. He always does this, and even on days when I am not particularly fond of the topic (usually rebukes), I try very heard to stay faithful.

So when I prayed this and I immediately heard Jeremiah 7:8 as clear as day, I was kinda excited. Yay, God answered fast. Usually it takes a little more prayer than just, God show me…etc. So it must be a great revelation to talk about. I was hoping for some encouragement or strengthening scripture…

Didn’t get it.

So, if you wanna know, go ahead and read Jeremiah 7:8-30. I don’t have the heart to type it out. I was crying when I read it. You see, ever since Christmas Day, my spirit has been experiencing a strange grieving/unsettledness that I just couldn’t quite place. God woke me up early Christmas morning and told me about how He was upset (and I do mean upset) with the state of our nation, how He was ready to pass judgment. I begged Him for mercy, to remember His remnant of believers in America who are truly striving after His heart. My soul was so saddened that I wept then too. I didn’t go back to sleep until He told me that He would hold back His hand of judgment.

But there continued to be a weight over my spirit, and it has grown heavier and heavier up to this day. I began to wonder what in the world is wrong with me? Why am I so sad? So gloomy? So weary? I just got off a two-week vacation for goodness sake! And then, as I read that scripture, it was like a dam broke; I cried, and a majority of the burden lifted.

This is nothing new to me. God has often allowed me to experience a fraction of the emotion He is feeling. Now I believe He is showing me how saddened He is with the Church’s state of continual backsliding and stiff-necked disobedience. This concern is wearying Him, sawing at His patient grace.

We must remember, brothers and sisters, that much of the Church, much of the world, is running solely on grace and a fraction of the people who cry for mercy, but grace does run out. We can’t keep talking the talk but not walking the walk. We must learn reverence for the Holiness of the God we serve.

Now, to clarify, mistakes do happen. That is not what the Lord is grieved with. He is grieved with blatant disobedience to His commands. We must pray against this. We must continue to cry out for mercy. God Himself doesn’t change, but He does change His mind. The good news is that Jeremiah continued to cry mercy and several chapters after chapter seven, God did hear and heed his prayers.

But here is the key that will buy us more time under God’s mercy; if we are to cry mercy we must also walk in ways of righteousness and call others to do so. Jeremiah 7 is a warning we must not take lightly. God’s judgment will come, but He desires that as many as possible be saved and walking in the faith before it does so. And for more people to be saved, we must cry for more time under mercy and grace. And we must walk in His ways.


Dear Abba,

I’m in love with you, my Lord. I am undeniably awash in affection for your grace. What will I do when I meet you face to face? I don’t know. Will I fall before your feet, worshiping you in your glory? Yes, my God. I will weep for joy and bless your name. Yes, my God. I will dance and shout. I will sing and praise. Oh, God, the happiness that will soar through my soul will be like the wings of an eagle – I will fly on the winds of delight and laughter. My God, my God. I will bless your name. I exalt you, oh Lord! You are worthy!

Father, I pray for the hearts of your people. I pray for souls of those who proclaim your glory but deny your holy power. Mercy, oh Lord. Have patience with your people. Teach us your ways and lead us in your commandments. Remember your remnant in the land. Remember those who have not bowed to idols and false gods. Have mercy for their sakes. Heal the country, the land, the economy, if only for the sakes of those who bless your great glory. Do not lose sight of us in the midst of those who practice hypocrisy. Do not punish the righteous for the acts of the wicked.

Oh mighty God, extend your grace just a little longer. Remember your desire for mercy. Hold your hand of indignation. Remember the time-line of your Word. Do not pour the bowls of wrath early. Extend mercy and favor. Continue to pour down your rain. For the sake of your son, Jesus Christ, the one who died for our sins, for the sake of those hidden in His Blood, Oh Righteous Judge, withhold your judgment a little longer. Give us more time to turn the prodigal sons back to their Father.

In Jesus name I plead,