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Dear Abba,

Encourage your people, so that we may continue to lift up your praise. The children hunger, the women weep, the men ignore the responsibility at their feet. God, help us. Have mercy on us. Your name is being dragged through the mud, my God, by people who do not understand your Word. Teach us, Lord, that we may know your truth. Resurrect us, Lord, from our miry graves, that we may give you a true praise; true adoration and true faithfulness.

God, I cry out to you for every person out there who is struggling with physical infirmities. I thank you, Lord, that by your stripes we are healed. I praise you, oh God, that there is no sickness, no disease in your kingdom, of which we are called to be the citizens. Come forth with healing in your wings, and restore our health to us. Give the doctors wisdom to spread your healing. Send your Spirit like fire through our nation and cleanse our infirmities.

Haleluiah, I praise you, Father.

In Jesus name I pray,

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