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John 3:16-21

If you look up condemnation, it basically refers to two different types; to judge that somebody or something is themselves or itself bad or wrong, or to legally judge somebody as guilty. It is not finger waggling; oh, you did a naughty thing. Oh you have this horrible addiction. Oh, blah blah blah. For these are the thoughts we have about others or ourselves, right? Let me say a little something because I think it’s time to put the devil back in his place – under our feet;

Such finger pointing is not righteous judgment, nor is it condemnation or conviction. So what is it? Well, nonsense is what it is. It’s a whole lot of talk that has no legal right to back up what it is speaking. So why in the world are we listening?

Condemnation is; you are a bad person and because of that, you will go to hell. Are we now clarified?

Thus says the Lord of Hosts;

“I know what they say about you. I know what they speak into your life. I know the words that depart out of your mouth, and I know the words that are spoken within your mind. RELEASE THEM. They are not of Me.

“There is no condemnation for the true sons and daughters of God. Why? Because My Blood washed away all legal right to condemn you. I took your place upon Calvary’s cross. I bore your pain and your iniquity. I bore the weight and condemnation of your sin. To further bring condemnation is an illegal act of spitting in My face. I say no! I say release these words spoken against you and within you. In one ear? Reject it out the other. Do not receive them. They are not of Me.

“You are perfect and holy in My eyes. You are perfect and holy in My eyes. Why? You ask. Why? Why? I say, My Blood. My Blood. My Blood. My Blood cleanses your impurity into a pure stream of flowing white. Therefore what condemnation can be brought against My Blood?

“Release these unholy words. Rebuke them. Let them not depart your mouth. Let them not enter your soul. Release them. They are not of Me.”


1 O LORD God, to whom vengeance belongs—
O God, to whom vengeance belongs, shine forth!
2 Rise up, O Judge of the earth;
Render punishment to the proud.
3 LORD, how long will the wicked,
How long will the wicked triumph?
(Psalm 94:1-3, New King James Version)

What is the cost of vengeance? Is it the death of your enemies? Oh, child. Would you like me to strike down every man who has offended your eyes, stepped on your foot? What of those who have betrayed you? Hurt you? Abused you? What is the cost of their vengeance?

Day and night, my children cry out for vengeance. They know I am righteous. I am judge of good and evil. Nothing escapes my eyes. Yes, vengeance is mine. Indeed, I will repay. I will repay death as sin’s consequence. Death–the price of true offense.

Who shall die? If I should exact vengeance on all who deserve, then who shall die? All those that have sinned against you, beloved child of mine. All those who have maliciously used you. All those who have stolen, lied, and wounded you. These shall die. These shall suffer. These deserve hell’s fire.

For is not death and eternal damnation the weight of sin?

Who, then, can be saved? Who will survive the fire of my wrath? If I should I answer every prayer that pleads for vengeance, then none would be saved. Oh, child. You do not know what you demand. For you, too, have offended. You, neither, will be spared my wrath.

This is not my desire. This is not my will. What you request is devastation. The vision of it fills my Soul with mourning. I cannot bring it to pass. My love will not allow it. But righteous judgment demands it.

All wrongs must be revenged.

But who can stand the heat of my vengeance? None. All shall be consumed.

Therefore, I sent my Son. On him, I unleashed the fire of my indignation. On him, I required recompense of every wrong committed against my children, by my children. Christ paid the cost of vengeance.

To reject the sacrifice of my Son is to stand before me on Judgment Day and say, “Almighty God, I have chosen to stand as my own defense. I have been wronged. I have wronged others. But I have done good. I have supported charity. I have given to the needy. I have served my country. I have loved my wife.”

And I will say, “Foolish one, because you rejected Christ‘s atonement, I find you worthy of my wrath. Every wrong you have committed against Heaven and Earth has a consequence. That consequence is death. You dare stand before the Father of the only man capable of paying this price, and say, I stand as my own defense?

“Defend then, you who knows all! You who doesn’t need Jesus Christ, explain to me why I should ignore the prayers of vengeance prayed against you? You who is pure and perfect, tighten your belt and answer me! Why should I spare you from the fires of hell that you deserve–fires from which you have rejected salvation? Answer me, you who rejects God’s grace?”

And there will be no answer, because none can be given.

So I will harden my heart against the sorrow of another lost child and say, “Guilty.”

Because, whether it be through the Son of Man, or through their own demise, in the end, vengeance must and will be paid. All wrongs will be revenged.

That is the judgment of God.