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A precious One born far from home,
Beloved birth among humble treasures,
Long worshiped as the One foretold,
Prayed for Redeemer of faithful believers.

Gift surpassing all values known,
Squalling babe of tender sweetness,
Swaddled up warm where kings behold,
The tiny form of the sweet joy Jesus.

Beneath a star that marks his place,
Snuggled in a manger that serves as a bed,
Lies great magnificence and grace,
Come to turn white, stains old and red.

Hope renewed on His appearance,
Lamb of God, inheritor of the world,
Heir of all that’s good and righteous,
Swear allegiance to this kind, innocent pearl.

Some will follow to praise His name,
Walking his path and trying never to stray,
To claim a place past Heaven’s Gate,
Thanks to the newborn babe sent to pave our way.