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Look upon the time of life. Look upon the gift of its seasons. For every season there is a purpose. For every time, there is a new beginning. Such is the way of life; in nature, in humanity, in the world.

Let us not rush the delicate balance of life. Let us not hurry the gentle slope of a dewdrop dripping from its leaf. Let us not hasten the growth of a tulip, peaking from the darkness of its seed, peering into the sweet delight of a new and fascinating world. Don’t press the kitten to flee its mother’s womb. All will be done in its perfect time. All will be spoken at the timing of perfect commands.

Don’t hasten the Lord when He stalls on your prayers. He knows the timing of the season. He knows the purpose of the timing. He knows the importance of the purpose. Don’t hasten the perfection of our perfect Creator. He knows what He is doing.

There is a time to sow. There is a time to reap. And then, there is a time to simply tilt your head to the whisper of the wind, and trust what God is saying.


Dear Abba,

How wonderful is your name! Your proud and great glory outshines the heavens. Your mighty voice brings mountains to their knees and tames vast oceans. You are magnificent, my God, wonderful and mighty. I love you so much. May honor and glory be yours. May you receive all you are due for you are worthy. You are worthy! You are worthy! Oh mighty God, you are worthy!

Oh God, how your heart grieves for you children around the world who are facing persecution. God, I ask for a mighty outpouring of deliverance upon the people being imprisoned, abused, and killed for your name. I ask you send aide wherever they are, and in whatever country that they dwell. Give them peace in the midst of the circumstances. Give them hope for a brighter day. God, I ask that you dispatch legions of angels to fly to their aid and protect them from the vicious attacks of the enemy.

In Jesus name I pray,

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Dear Abba,

Today, my God, I just want to thank you for the sacrifices of your Son, Jesus Christ. You have been showing me different faces of his suffering and I am deeply in awe. How hard it must have been for you to send Him to calvary’s cross, knowing what He would suffer. Could I do that to my own child? I don’t think so. I don’t think I would want to, even knowing the immense blessings it would bring to a fallen world. That’s what makes Christ’s sacrifice so amazing. He knew what He would suffer, but He went anyway. You knew what He would suffer, but still you sent Him. Thank you so much, my God.

Lord, I pray that you make yourself more alive than ever to your church, your bride. Help us to come into a fuller relationship with you. Help us to grow closer to you in intimacy and in truth. You are so awesome, God. You deserve to see the fruits of your labor in us. Draw us close to you, that we may know you more. That we may worship you while completely in awe of the manifestation of your love.

In Jesus name,

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Dear Abba,

Encourage your people, so that we may continue to lift up your praise. The children hunger, the women weep, the men ignore the responsibility at their feet. God, help us. Have mercy on us. Your name is being dragged through the mud, my God, by people who do not understand your Word. Teach us, Lord, that we may know your truth. Resurrect us, Lord, from our miry graves, that we may give you a true praise; true adoration and true faithfulness.

God, I cry out to you for every person out there who is struggling with physical infirmities. I thank you, Lord, that by your stripes we are healed. I praise you, oh God, that there is no sickness, no disease in your kingdom, of which we are called to be the citizens. Come forth with healing in your wings, and restore our health to us. Give the doctors wisdom to spread your healing. Send your Spirit like fire through our nation and cleanse our infirmities.

Haleluiah, I praise you, Father.

In Jesus name I pray,

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Dear God,

How are you today, my Lord? My heart wonders whether there is a smile on your face or a frown? Are you grimacing or are you pleased? I thank you so much for your glory, and your wonder. I thank you so much for your peace that passes all understanding. You are wonderful, my Lord. You are gracious. So beautiful, your glory outshines the heavens.

Have mercy, sweet Father, upon your children:

  • Show grace to those of us who have gone astray.
  • Teach us to love each other—to love you above all.
  • Instruct us in your way, and hold us to your statutes.
  • Let not your wrath burn long, but bring forth deliverance for your people.
  • Forgive us our sins. Help us to forgive one another.

Abba, I submit this blog to you and your purpose. Let me post only what is within your will and not contradictory to your word. Use this blog, your tool, to send forth peace to your people, and hope to those who are dismayed. This blog, Lord, is my lips to your people. Speak through me, Great Master, and let not your word return void.

In Jesus name,


There is power in number, beloved reader.
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