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Love Amid the Ashes

Back Cover Blurb

When her beloved grandfather Isaac dies, Dinah must follow his final command: travel to Job’s household to marry his son. After Job’s world comes crashing down, Dinah finds herself drawn to this great man brought low. What will she risk to fight for his survival?

My Review

Author Mesu Andrews weaves a heartrending story of two lives; Dinah, daughter of Jacob, and Job, wealthy servant of the Most High. I was originally drawn to this book because of it’s unique take on the two character’s stories. Who would think to introduce the shamed Dinah to the prestigious but soon-to-be-shattered Job? But Author Andrew does, and she does it skillfully.

The reader can tell that Andrews did her homework on the detail she places into her character’s environment; anything ranging from specific geography to the way they prepared food in biblical times. And the story itself is very gripping. The reader can feel Job’s pain and is sorrowed by Dinah’s reputation. I wanted to cheer for them when they overcame obstacles and hug and cry with them when their pain is deepened. In fact, I was so entranced with their lives that I didn’t want to return to my own.

Excellent storytelling aside, there was a few technicalities that bugged me. The characters seemed to lack much depth. I understood their concerns and joys, but I didn’t feel like I really got a glimpse at their individuality. They weren’t very unique beside the individuality of their stories. I did, however, see a decent character arc in which they matured and grew throughout the story.

That said, the writing was a tad bit dramatic. The author used certain wording and exclamations that was meant to convey emotion but succeeded mostly in making her characters seem melodramatic at times. And though this made me raise a brow a few times, it was easy to ignore for the interest of the story itself.

Overall, I say bravo for a gripping tale full of love, redemption, and hope.

I give Love Amid the Ashes 4 out of 5 stars.


A sweet, little baby cries in a field,
Her legs wiggle, her arms waggle,
She is left alone…


But here comes a man,
And he sees her plight,
He draws her into gentle arms,
Cuddles her to the warmth of his chest.

Found. Kept. Raised.

With diamonds, silk, and adoration,
He blesses her as she grows,
In the day he broadens her horizons,
With lessons; language, art, history, equations,
And in the evening, he showers her with…

Clothed in beauty, arrayed in grace,
She grows renowned and famous,
Her countenance, bright and beautiful,
Attracts adoring crowds and suitors.

She giggles. She laughs. She flutters long eyelashes.

She commits to none. She fancies all.

And the man, seeing she is grown, lovely…
Of age for marriage, he betroths her to his son,
A good man, his son.,
Strong. Moral. Courageous.

But upon this commitment, she runs away,
She flees into the hands of awaiting lovers
They woo her, tease her, coax her.,
What’s so precious, she gives away.

Free, without price, commitment, conviction,
She gives herself away.

They say they love her,
She gives herself away.

They say she’s lovely,
She gives herself away.

They say she’s wanted,
She gives herself away.

To caressing touches, seductive deception,
…Roaming kisses…

She gives herself away.

But as time takes its toll,
The weariness sets in,
She grows tired of multiple lovers,
Her thoughts turn to another man,
A man of kindness, gentleness, affection,
The man who found her,
The man who raised her,
The man who clothed her in unconditional love.

Upon this man her thoughts did turn,
As they used her body, over and over,
Upon his son, her heart did warm,
As her life turned cold from touches too demanding.

And for every man who rose from her bed,
And left, again and again,
He stole a piece of her soul from her.

Until, finally, one wearisome morning,
She said no. No more. Enough. I’m finished,
The men objected, coaxed, pleaded,
She shook her head, gathered her belongings,
And walked toward the door,
Of her past life.

But as her hand touched the knob,
The men caught up to her.

They yelled, she argued. They pressed. She resisted,
And in the heat of their anger,
They tore away her silks,
Her sparkling gold,
Her ribbons,

They threw her out into the streets,
Naked as the day she was born,
All saw her shame,
All knew her iniquity,
All turned away.

Disgust written on each face.


She fell to her knees,
And wept.

There she stayed, again abandoned,
Again forsaken,

And there the son found her.
And like his father before him,
He took the cape from his shoulders,
And covered her nakedness,
He gathered her into arms,
Strong enough to carry her,
Home where she belonged.

For weeks she couldn’t meet his gaze,
For weeks she avoided honorable touch,
For weeks she drowned in her pain,
Buried in her shame.

But finally, one day,
The father and the son,
Called her to them,
The son requested her hand in marriage,
She rejected.

Her body was stained,
Her spirit…broken.

But the son gathered her into tender arms,
And assured her of a love, a perfect love,
A love that covered a multitude of transgression,
And he kissed her,
And the kiss was pure,
…and untainted.

And the love that covered her,
Also cleansed her,
And healed her soul.

And at the time appointed,
He became her husband,
And she, his wife.

No movie captured my heart and engaged my emotions like the movie, Passion of the Christ. But now I am pleased to review a movie that not only blew my mind, but liquefied the emotions of my heart into tears running down my face as I watched Furious Love. Tears the like of which I haven’t cried since I saw Passion so many years ago. It is fitting, I think, because where the Passion left off (with the resurrection of Christ), Furious Love documents how Christ’s great passion, His mighty love, is continuing to change and save lives today.

Furious Love records Christianity where few believers dare to go. It documents Christians taking the light of God into the most darkest and horrifying places. The stories will astound you and the testimonies will humble you. If you ever heard a song or statement that has the words “Lord, break my heart for the things that break Your heart,” and you prayed that as a prayer, God will answer as you watch this movie.

The documentaries in this movie will take you across the world and into the lives of people delivered from demonic power as well as souls walking the streets and selling their bodies for money they desperately need. Furious Love will take you into the eye-opening story of a young woman delivered from a disturbing cult where she was raised to be (literally) a bride of Satan. Then the movie continues with an amazing account of a few Christians who enter a large gathering of witches and warlocks looking for a “fight” and leave with a powerful lesson about God’s grace, mercy, and incredible love.

Love. How far can it extend? How deep can it reach? The movie begins with this question, and concludes with a most sobering answer.