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The School of Seers


Heavenly beings descending in our place of assembly. Objects hovering about people. Shadows and glow. Rooms filling with water, but no one is wet. Demons hissing. Angels worshiping.

These… Objects. Shadows. Water. Angels.

…Are seen by Christians around the world. It could happen any time, any place. It isn’t witchcraft. It isn’t demon worship. It isn’t Buddhism. It isn’t Harry Potter.

It is Sight into the spiritual realm. It is Discernment of Spirits.

1 Cor 12:10 “To another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits…”

The School of Seers is a book dedicated to the spiritual realm. Its doctrine is sound. Its teachings are applicable. For such a small book – a short, easy read – it packs a mammoth load of good information. Author, Jonathan Welton, opens our eyes to experiences we have never considered and spiritual senses we have neglected.

Yes, we can see into the spiritual realm. Yes, God is eager and waiting to pour out this gift, but a quick word of caution. Walking into the spirit realm requires the self-discipline of individual passion. This isn’t a light read that you skim over and forget about. It may literally change your life. Welton gives a lot of practical advice on how to sharpen our spiritual eyes but it does require time and it does require patience. So for readers who have one or the other, or neither of each, I suggest a pass on this book. But if you are ready to dedicate a little bit more into your faith walk, then I highly suggest reading this book with eyes and mind wide open. It won’t disappoint.

I give The School of Seers 5 out of 5 stars.