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We are promised victory through God. That’s what the bible says, right? In 1 John 5:4. So why is it that we lose so many blasted battles? If Christ has overcome the world, why does it seem like the world overcomes us?

Maybe I am the only believer on the face of the earth who experiences this problem. I try to do well, read my Bible, keep my faith in God, walk in His love, blah, blah, blah. In return, aren’t I promised some victory? So where is it?

Often is seems like every time I do something good, I am battered by the bad. Every time I overcome a challenge, I am beat to a pulp by the next. Every time I climb higher, I fall harder.

You see, I may never have battled drugs, or gangs, or alcohol…I can’t tell you about all that. But my testimony is quite fat with other stuff. I can talk to you about any type of harrassment. I know all about watching everything I own go up in flames. Abusive relationships? Been there. Done that. Watching loved ones struggle to survive? Yup. Got more bills than money? That’s easy compared to the rest. Addictions so strong it took years to gain victory over? Yeah. Self-hatred so deep it resulted in self-abuse? Oh, yup. Pain so overwhelming I attempted suicide? Phew…that one’s a lonnngggg testimony. Suicidal by the age of ten…oh yeah. Homeless? Several times. Moving way, WAY more than is healthy? Yes. Yes. And yes. Disease and sickness? Blah. Definitely got that covered. All this in 22 years of life.

Yeah, I think that’s about the bare essentials.

So in all that and WAY more (let me tell you), don’t you think I know what it means to have lost some battles? Too be in way over my head? To despair and feel like God has abandoned me? Yes. I’ve had experiences that I wouldn’t wish on Satan himself.

I. Do. Not. Exaggerate.

I have lost more battles than I would like to admit. I have received pain and given pain that I wish never occurred. I have watched loved ones detioriate before my very eyes. And I learned far too early how to be an adult.

But you know what? I know what it means to lose. But I know even more what it means to win. I understand the concept of victory. I’ve experienced it all my life. Just like I have experienced loss all of my life. For if you do not suffer, how can you know what it means to rejoice? If you don’t know pain, how can you offer empathy to another? I know what’s it’s like to feel forsaken, but never BE forsaken.

You see, the bible doesn’t promise us victory over every battle. Because that would be an empty promise. It simply does not happen. Not for us. But it does promise us victory over the ultamite war. For right now, we may shake our fists at Satan and scream, kick, and cry out; “You, you, JERK!”

But in the end, we shall reign with Christ and Satan shall feel the eternal lick of hell’s fire.


The Making of a Champion

When we walk in the victimized mindset, we become a hostage to our circumstances.

What are some characteristics of a victim:

·    Has experienced one or multiple destructive/injurious circumstances
·    Does not accept responsibility for self-ignited negative experiences
·    One who refuses to stand back up and re-plan after a hard fall
·    Pessimistic viewpoint
·    Expects negative happenings to befall them
·    Think everyone is trying to sabotage them
·    Insecure in multiple areas
·    A forsaken past=a forsaken future
·    Don’t dream for fear of nightmares (literally and symbolically)
·    Moves with extreme caution

Beloved, we must choose to shed the victim mentality. God sent His Son to die a victim so we don’t have to live a victim. Why then, do we hold to the victim’s mindset like it is a cherished friend instead of a self-destructive belief system that cripples our minds and poisons our lives?

Brothers and sisters, we don’t have to live in this mental hell.

Hear God’s declaration:
“I’ll pull you from a worse place and set you in a better place, all so I can bring you to greatness. The nightmare is over, my child. You’re not created to lose but created to win. You’re in the middle of good, expecting something bad, but I say not so! For you are destined for greatness—great blessings, great fruitfulness, and great overflow. Just reach out, touch the hem of My garment, and My blood will cleanse the past’s poison from your soul.”

Beloved, the Almighty has called us to victory, not victim disability. A victim waits for life to turn in their favor, but a victor shifts life to their benefit. And the way a child of God brings life to their favor is by moving only with the hand of God. When the Spirit stands, we are to stand. When the Spirit moves, we move. When It prays, we pray. When It worships, we worship. If we submit our will to the movement of God, He will move us into the right position, at the right time, to give us the right victory for every situation.



(Inspired by Apostle Jones sermon, From Victimized to Victory)