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I recently received an email from World Vision asking for donations to help fund their assistance with the tornado disasters. And in the email, they had a quote from one of their workers basically saying in eleven years of disaster relief, she’d never seen so many natural disasters in one year. I was listening to K-love radio and someone said this may be the most tornadoes we’ve ever had in our nation’s history.

We have seen extreme earthquakes one after another. Tornadoes slicing through cities like they’re made of butter instead of brick and concrete. Wildfires destroying homes like a rampaging monster. Floods washing away homes and cars. All in the few months of 2011 that we have experienced so far. All before hurricane season even arrives.

Then, forget nature. Man-kind is kinda…losing it. Since when has our country struggled to pay our military? Newscasters never run out of tragedies to relay. Our prisons are crowded to bursting. Homeless are overwhelming the streets. Mothers are murdering children. Prophets are predicting dates fore the end of the world – repeatedly. If they are wrong, they simply reschedule Christ to return on another day.

People. Are. Scared.

And who can blame them? The world has become too unpredictable and it’s nerve-racking.

Allow me to explain what is most likely going on; the world is ending.

Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Okay. Okay. Let me explain better. As Christians, we have been taught since our spiritual birth that Christ will return for the believers and leave the rest to play patty cake with the anti-christ. Let me explain something about the antichrist; he will have A LOT of influence. He would have to, right? To deceive the entire world like the bible says he will? He would have to be pretty persuasive for people to follow him like they will. And let me add one more thing; the people will have to be so desperate for deliverance from their trials that they will BELIEVE him.

If, if, if, the antichrist were to come right now, would he be able to deceive many? Heck yes. But to change the entire economic flow of the world, he would need the support of more than many. Hitler had the support of many, but he didn’t control the world. The anti-christ will have such extreme support that he will have say or influence over all the nations of the world. Hitler’s followers were hungry for something more than they had. The anti-Christ’s followers will be desperate. So desperate that they will be moved with every false promise that he makes. They will hang on to his words and lap them up like starving animals.

My point? People are desperate. Many are even THAT desperate (as evidence by the May 21st idiocity). But not enough. Not that many. Not yet. But with every person falling into poverty, the number of desperate rises. With every natural disaster, the number skyrockets. With every new disease and outbreak, the number increases.

What this all means is scripture implies that people will be desperate enough to accept the anti-christ. Which means the world will be bad enough to make them that desperate. And, my opinion speaking, I think we are nearing that state but not there yet. Following this direction of thinking, I believe we can safely assume that things are far more likely to get worse rather than better.

However, that being said, this does not need to make us nervous. We should not walk in fear. Our problems are not really with the current state of the world, for we are in the world, but we are still separate from the world. The world may go hungry and suffer famine, but as children of the Most High, we have a mighty Provider. The world may fall sick and weak, but we have the best Healer. The world may fall by violence, but we have a Protector. We may be affected by the world’s state, but as believers, we should never be crippled by it.

We are in a fallen world, but I do believe it was Jesus who said, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33, New King James Version)


Eph 6:12 KJV “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Thus says the Lord,

“The world is turning quickly to chaos. Governments betray their people. Earthquakes shattering nations. The ocean overstepping its boundary in a flood of destruction. Riots are shaking cities. Mobs are destroying businesses. Children are killing children. Mothers are beating daughters. Sons are murdering mothers. Husbands are destroying the foundations of their marriage by committing adultery, and wives are doing the same. Children born out of wedlock. Youth having sex in grade school.

“And the people ask why. Why is this happening? Why have God not stopped it?

“Did I not warn you this would happen? Did I not say these things would come to pass? Don’t you know that such things must be so? That it must get worse before it can get better? But you have no faith.

“The enemy is like a roaring lion, bent on destruction, but my Word is a two-edged sword that will cut him in his tracks. And I have given it to you. So why do you not use it? Prayer is the mightiest weapon that will summon legions of battle-ready angels at a single beckon. So why are my people not praying? I have offered gifts of teachers, preachers, prophets…so why do the nations not listen?

“Shake your fist at me, prideful nations, but I will not be moved by your anger and fear. I have given you the tools to defeat the ruler of darkness – the one who is ravaging your world. And as you use those tools, I have sworn to stand with you, to fight with you, to gain victory for you. But this is the world of man. These are attacks against man. And therefore mankind must fight in the war. But if they don’t fight, can they be surprised at the battles they don’t win?”

Homosexuals. Rapists. Persecutors. Adulterers. Murderers.
Vicious. Slothful. Angry. Unforgiving. Jealous.
Liars. Gossipers. Thieves. Prostitutes.
Lost. Hopeless. Defeated.
The. World.


Food 4 Thought


16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16, New King James Version)

When will this earth learn to heal?
When will the crying and anger,
Accept healing and soothing?
When will the darkness give way to the light?

We look around and see pain.
We look around and see anger.
We look around and see fighting.
We look around and see destruction.

We miss the sunlight,
Dancing off the golden rays,
Come to fight the shadows,
Of this life.

We miss the peace,
Knocking at the door,
Telling us, baby,
It’s going to be alright.

We miss the flowers,
Churning, growing, sprouting,
Bringing color after a rainy day,
Bringing life to an empty soul.

We miss the love,
A gentle breeze,
Blowing through our lives,
Touching and healing our needs.

Come on, my brothers and sisters!

Come on, and choose the sunlight,
Come on, and feel the peace,
Come on, and touch the flowers,
Come on, and bathe in true love.

God is reaching and calling,
He is yearning to relieve,
This weighing on our hearts,
This burning fire consuming our souls.

This pain is blinding,
These burdens are heavy,
This sorrow everlasting,
This toil unchanging.

God has strength for our burdens.
God has the salve for our pain.
God has the peace for our sorrow.
God has the love to cover everything.

If we can look beyond our trials and sorrow,
If we can look beyond the torment of our past,
If we can look beyond the darkness of this world,
We will find peace, love and joy in God’s hands.