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Dearest Abba,

I treasure you. Do you know that? You are my heart and soul. The foundation of my world. The center of my life. Wherever I turn, I need you to be there. Wherever I go, I need you to guide me. I am dependent on you. I desire your love and generosity. You are the fulfillment of my life and the core of my happiness. Glorious Father, I adore you.

My Lord, I come before you seeking favor upon your people. I know, oh Master, that we have neglected our salvation. We have failed to walk in your ways. In this day and age, our nation reaps the fruit of its foolishness, yet still desires your delivering hand. Father, I ask that when you look down upon us, that you do not see those who are luke-warm for you. That you ignore those who ignore your ways.

But you gaze upon those of us that do seek after your good pleasure. Those who do desire your favor. Those who do honor your commandments and statutes. In your anger over the rest, don’t forget about us. Please continue to rain your favor upon us, lest you forget your remnant and consume us all in your righteous wrath.

And as for those who neglect you, I have faith you, Majestic Father. I believe in your desire and power to bring them back into the bosom of your love. Don’t return just yet. Delay your coming. Give us and yourself more time to draw the lost to the cross of salvation. Your desire is that all be saved, my Lord. Remember that, Master, when you are ready to pour your bowls of anger. Remember your desire to breathe life back into the valley of dry bones. There is still work to be done.

And I have faith in your will and ability to make the impossible a reality before our very eyes. I have not given up on my home nation, my Lord, and though you grieve, and I know you have not given up either. I have faith in a third Great Revival where multitudes will flee to your sanctuary and the passion of salvation will again spread through the world one more time like wildfire.

In Jesus name I pray,