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Dear Abba,

Today, my God, I just want to thank you for the sacrifices of your Son, Jesus Christ. You have been showing me different faces of his suffering and I am deeply in awe. How hard it must have been for you to send Him to calvary’s cross, knowing what He would suffer. Could I do that to my own child? I don’t think so. I don’t think I would want to, even knowing the immense blessings it would bring to a fallen world. That’s what makes Christ’s sacrifice so amazing. He knew what He would suffer, but He went anyway. You knew what He would suffer, but still you sent Him. Thank you so much, my God.

Lord, I pray that you make yourself more alive than ever to your church, your bride. Help us to come into a fuller relationship with you. Help us to grow closer to you in intimacy and in truth. You are so awesome, God. You deserve to see the fruits of your labor in us. Draw us close to you, that we may know you more. That we may worship you while completely in awe of the manifestation of your love.

In Jesus name,

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